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The search for talent drives up wages...

The shortage of skilled workers has led to "salary excesses" among sought-after IT experts. This was emphasized a few weeks ago by Peter Lieber, President of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry, to the news portal 'Kurier'. According to the report, it is small companies in particular that can hardly afford the increasingly expensive IT specialists, even in an emergency. The IT security environment is particularly affected, where prices are demanded after a cyber attack for data rescue that are sometimes "almost extortionate". IT wages have exploded. One consequence is that not only SMEs but also medium-sized companies have to be satisfied with second-class ICT.
We asked in this country what the consequences of the labor shortage in Switzerland are and what is the truth behind the accusation of price excesses and wage explosions.

According to Tobias Ellenberger, CEO of Oneconsult, the daily rates for ICT specialists have not changed significantly in the last 5 years.

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